Lone Wolf, Diablo double and more…

Here are brief looks at knives that have crossed my desk and caught my attention. Kershaw Knives R.A.M. Model 1919 is designed by the father and son knife making team of Grant and Gavin Hawk. It has a 3 1/8 inch Sandvik 12C26 stainless steel blade, a handle made out of 6061-T6 black anodized aluminum and a textured black G-10 overlay, it’s a dandy folder. If that’s all there was to the R.A.M it would be well worth its price of $99.99.

However the R.A.M. is a pseudo assisted opening folder. What I mean by this is not an assisted opener. What the R.A.M. has is something like a pump that locks the blade opened (and closed). And with the flipper you just give it a slight push and the blade swings open. It actually feels like it’s assisted but it’s not. It’s the pressure of the pump that feels like it’s assisted. But it’s not. It’s the pressure of the pump that feels like it’s assisting the blade open. There are three tine thumb studs on both sides of the blade, but I found them all pretty much useless. I preferred the flipper for opening this knife.

I’ve always been a fan of the Paul knife, designed by Paul W. Poehlmann. However I always thought they were a bit too small to my liking. They are, without a doubt true gentleman’s knives. I like the patented Paul Axial locking device on the Paul knives, it always struck me as brutally strong.

Lone Wolf has introduced a larger sized Paul knife with a 3 ½ inch blade made out of 154 CM high carbon stainless steel. The carbon fiber handle scales and the size of the knife makes it fall into the tactical folder category, although the sleek lines of the Paul Knife could make it fall into the gent’s knife category. This is the first Paul knife with pocket clip, adding to utility of the folder. At $189.99 it’s not cheap but then again, quality never comes cheap, and it is made in the USA.

A new version of Lone Wolf’s popular Diablo Double Action (DA) retains the folder that can be opened two ways: either using the thumb stud or the automatic method a switchblade if you live in a state that allows automatic knives. This new Diablo DA has 1 3/3 inch CPM-S30V Ti-Ni black coated blade. The handle scaler are dark green and black micarta. One thing you will notice with any of the Lone Wolf automatic folders is that the blades really pop out when activated. You have to hold onto these hummers or they’ll fly out of your hand as the blade flings open.

Something I really like about the Diablo DA line of automatic folders is the fact that the opening method is hidden. There isn’t any button to push. Instead the blade is opened by sliding the left side handle scale a fraction of an inch to one side, and the blade pops open. It’s like magic. I’ve won more than a couple bucks from folks who thought they could figure out how to open. Retail price on the Diablo DA with the green and black micarta-handle scales is $289.99

SOG knives visionary I and the Visionary II are a combination from two other knives in the SOG lineup. Both VG-10 stainless steel blades that are black powder coated. The visionary I has a 3 inch blade while the visionary II has a 3 ¾ inch blade. Both knives have Zytel handles with stainless steel liners, and have reversible pocket clips for right or left hand carry. Both models also have the Arc Lock ad they have been tested to withstand more than 1.000 pounds of pressure while still holding the table open.

The visionary I retails for $140 and Visionary II retails for $160. If I spread dozens of knives out on a table and picked the ones that had the most appeal, these would be the knives. Check them out at your local knife show or retailer and see if you agree.